TOWN councillors are calling for a crackdown on speeders in Andover by proposing to install new high-tech cameras in the town.

At a meeting of Andover Town Council on Wednesday, September 20, councillors discussed purchasing two cameras.

Currently, the town council uses a number of speed indicator devices, which flash red when approaching traffic is speeding, or remain green when drivers are within the speed limit.

The council is proposing to purchase two AutoSpeedWatch cameras. These cameras have the capacity to record speeds and picture cars and number plates, registering this information on a database.

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From this, car owner's name and address details could be obtained from the DVLA database, and repeat offenders would be written to warn of their speeding. Repeat offenders could also receive a police visit.

A town council officer is set to attend a meeting with police on Wednesday, September 27 to discuss the matter and the feasibility of the proposal further. The AutoSpeedWatch cameras are also more than £6,000 cheaper to purchase than the previous speed indicator devices, which cost more than £8,000 for two new units.

Agreement for the AutoSpeedWatch cameras will be needed from police and Hampshire County Council, for the council to use that information to access the DVLA database to send letters to the worst offenders.

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Councillors expressed interest in buying the cameras but were concerned about the cost and time implications on staff from the added workload.

Cllr Luigi Gregori said: "I think we should allow the clerk to pursue the AutoSpeedWatch option. There are lots of things which need to be done, including receiving the agreement from the police and Hampshire County Council, and endorsement from the police and crime commissioner.

"As a first step, I fully support the setup of AutoSpeedWatch in Andover and whatever the motion we come up with, that needs to reflect that."

Cllr Michael Mcgarry said: "Bearing in mind the difference in cost between the two units, I think it's a no-brainer."

The vote in favour of the proposed purchase of the AutoSpeedWatch cameras was supported, with one abstention from mayor Cllr Robin Hughes.