A ROAD in Andover will remain closed for the foreseeable future due to structural safety concerns after a building fire.

As previously reported, firefighters were called to the former Anton Laundry building, in Marlborough Street, at around 3pm on Saturday, May 27.

Crews from Andover, St Mary's and Dorset and Wiltshire battled the fire for close to three hours.

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Following the fire, Marlborough Street has been closed, with works underway to make the derelict building and surrounding site safe.

The Advertiser understands Marlborough Street will remain closed until some form of structure has been put in place to support the building. 

Andover Advertiser: The building fire happened on Saturday, May 27 The building fire happened on Saturday, May 27 (Image: Mark Paine)

The proposed supporting structure will have to be signed off by a structural engineer before the road can be reopened - no date for this has been given. 

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Cllr Iris Andersen said: "I know how annoying it is to have the road closed and I sympathise massively with those it affects. That being said, we have to follow health and safety and as the building is not in a safe condition for the road to reopen the road closure is necessary at this current time.

"It is down to the building owner to do something about that and something I would like to see done sooner rather than later, as it is causing a great inconvenience to the public."

A Hampshire County Council spokesperson said: “To ensure the area remains safe, and on the advice of Test Valley Borough Council’s building control team, our highways team has set up a temporary closure.

"The borough council, and the owner of the damaged property, are currently liaising to make the building itself safe. Once the borough council is satisfied that the risk of possible collapse is removed, the road can be reopened.”

A Test Valley Borough Council spokesperson said: “The council continues to work with the owners of the site, Hampshire Highways and Historic England to see if there are measures which might be undertaken to address the immediate safety concerns resulting from the fire damage to Anton Laundry which would mean that area fenced off around the building could be reduced.

"This would enable the road to be re-opened, at least in part, but that decision would ultimately rest with Hampshire County Council. We are at the same time also considering how the longer-term future of the building can be addressed.”