Viewers watching BBC Strictly Come Dancing have taken to social media to call out judge Shirley Ballas. 

It comes as some suggested that Shirley had been harsher on actor Nigel Harman compared to broadcaster Les Dennis. 

Casualty actor Nigel danced the Viennese waltz with his partner Katya Jones and received mixed comments from judges. 

As Shirley said that whilst the actor had "graceful arms and lovely connection", he was also "too much up and down, and technical errors", receiving boos from the Strictly studio audience. 

When it came to scores, Shirley received more boos from the audience as she gave Nigel the lowest score of just six. 

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However, when it came to Les's and partner Nancy Xu samba, although the dance wasn't as smooth as Nigel's it received better feedback. 

As Shirley said: "10 for entertainment, foot faults galore but attractive to watch, work on quality of movement but you give it 1000%."

Seeing some Strictly viewers upset that Shirley had seemed to be harsher on Nigel than Les. 

As one Strictly fan wrote: "How is it possible to go from picking Nigel's dance to pieces to praising Les? Don't think the audience are the ones that need reminding it's a dance competition."

Whislt another viewer said: "Shirley needs to get her act together all sweetness to Les ripping the head and feet off Nigel."

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