A rare letter written and signed by English monarch King Henry VIII 510 years ago is up for auction. 

The infamous Tudor King is best known for having six wives (and for beheading and divorcing them).

The 8x15 inch letter, which is addressed to the Keeper of the Great Wardrobe Sir Andrew Windsor, is part of a unique auction where prices are reduced every day until the items are sold.

The King, who was just 22 years old when he wrote the message, instructs Sir Andrew Windsor to supply cloth so that it can be made into gowns.

King Henry wrote and 'handsomely' signed the letter in December 1513 at Windsor Castle, as “Henry R” - or Henry Rex, after the latin term for King.

It was written just four years into his reign following the death of his father Henry VII.

The rare letter is set be be auctioned by Paul Fraser Collectibles on Thursday, October 5 in a different format - a descending-price “Dutch Auction” style.

The auction format's name is inspired by a tactic used by 17th-century Dutch flower sellers.

They invented a unique descending-price auction system to sell their flowers faster.

The letter, which is valued at £65,000, will drop in price by £5000 every day until it is sold.

It is the first time that an item related to the former King is known to have been sold using the method.

Mike Hall, CEO at Paul Fraser Collectibles said: “This auction gives collectors - and people who might not normally bid in auctions - the chance to own an important piece of English history for a low price.

“Every day at 4pm, we reduce the price by a further £5,000. And we’ll keep reducing the price until someone buys it.

“It’s a real test of nerve. Will you wait for the price to fall even lower and risk missing out to a rival bidder?”

“Henry is happily married to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, when he signs this letter," He added.

''The five future wives and the break from the Catholic Church - that's all ahead of him.

“What else was Henry up to on the day he signed this document? Did he go hunting in the forests near Windsor? Hold a banquet? Woo a new mistress? Perhaps all three. It’s tantalising.

“We’re expecting huge interest. Especially as, unlike most auctions, there is no 25%+ buyer’s commission. So the price you bid is the price you pay.”