RESIDENTS with a postcode starting SP10 are far more likely to be burgled than anyone else in Andover.

This is according to a recent investigation which analysed seven million home insurance quotes to find the UK postcodes with the highest and lowest rates of burglary claims since 2020.

Certain areas of Andover have raised concern in the study, carried out by insurance firm MoneySuperMarket.

The SO20 postcode, which covers Stockbridge, has an average of 14.19 insurance claims in every 1,000 are related to burglary.

This makes it the 701st postcode most likely to be burgled in the UK.

In the SP10 postcode, which covers Andover, an average of 12.9 insurance claims of every 1,000 were burglary-related.

This places it as the 815th postcode most likely to be burgled in the UK.

In the SP11 postcode, which covers Ludgershall, Weyhill, Thruxton, Upper Clatford, Longparish, Enham Alamein, St Mary Bourne, and Hurstbourne Tarrant, residents can rest slightly easier knowing that 9.21 home insurance claims in every 1,000 are related to burglary.

This places it at 1,167th on the list of postcodes most likely to be burgled in the UK.

The statistics for Tidworth's SP9 postcode are currently unknown at the time of writing.

This makes it the 1,767th postcode most likely to be burgled in the UK.

Full list of Andover postcodes:

SO20 - 14.16 burglary-related insurance claims per 1,000

SP10 - 12.9 burglary-related insurance claims per 1,000

RG28 - 10.55 burglary-related insurance claims per 1,000

SP11 - 9.21 burglary-related insurance claims per 1,000

RG27 - 11.58 burglary-related insurance claims per 1,000

SP9 - Currently unknown


On a national scale, Birmingham has been named as the UK’s number one burglary hotspot, with an average of 58 claims per 1,000 quotes in the B94 postcode district.

Postcode areas with the lowest amount of burglaries include PE15 in Cambridgeshire and SY23 in Aberystwyth, Wales.

“While it’s not a surprise to see the list of burglary hotspots dominated by large cities like Birmingham, it is interesting to learn that a large proportion of people in rural areas aren’t protecting their homes with a burglar alarm,” said David McDermottre, home insurance expert at MoneySuperMarket.

“Unfortunately, the extra time spent away from our homes since people have gone back to work post-covid has provided burglars with more opportunities.

“In fact, our research found that burglary claims last year were 106% higher than those recorded in 2020, rising from 7.79 to 16.01 per 1,000 quotes,” he added.

The home insurance expert has advised that no matter how much of a burglary hotspot your postcode is, it is always a good idea to take preventative measures.

“This can be things like installing an alarm, investing in decent locks for windows and doors and keeping valuables such as laptops and keys out of sight,” Mr McDermottre explained.

“It will not only make homes less attractive to burglars, but it will be harder for them to break in.”

You can check exactly how your postcode ranks using MoneySuperMarket’s interactive search feature here.