A WALKING football group from Andover has appealed to the community for new members.

Andover Walking Football has been running for seven years, starting in Andover Leisure Centre. The group currently has about 30 members, of which around 15 join on a weekly basis.

The team is currently seeking new members to sign up and play on a regular basis, with men over 50 and women welcome to join.

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Member Ted Catton said: "It's a great bunch of old boys who don't take it too seriously. We have some banter and have made some great friendships along the way."

Pip McGarry is another member of the team, who joined the group around five years ago.

Pip said: "Really we're just looking to drive up numbers and get a bit more awareness of our group in Andover and the availability for people to come along and see what we're all about.

"Old age can tend to be a bit more isolating so I think walking football is a great opportunity to get out of the house, do a bit of exercise and get a sweat on.

"I and the other members really look forward to playing each week, and with that having some good banter and fun with the team. It's nice to get together, and we have good camaraderie and friendships within the team, which is what it's all about. 

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"We are competitive and obviously want to win when we play our games, but it's more about the enjoyment. It's a totally different game to normal football, but one that's growing and really taking off across the country."

The team now plays every Thursday between 7pm and 8pm at the Charlton Sports Ground, but will be moving indoors for the winter at Rookwood School Gymnasium from Thursday, October 5.

The team is sponsored by Red Frog Recruitment, the owner of which is the daughter of one of the team's members.

Anyone interested can get in contact with the group by calling 07884 144126 or by emailing dennissmills1@sky.com.