AN ANDOVER-born international makeup artist has made a triumphant return to her hometown after an incredible journey on a private jet along with her two rescue dogs.

Sarah Jane Thompson, 44, made her homecoming extraordinary by winning a competition offered by a private jet company, K9 Jets, which allowed her to travel back to Andover in style, accompanied by her two beloved rescue dogs, Buddy and Archie.

Sarah Jane, a celebrity makeup artist, was featured in the Advertiser back when she was just 16.

Having spent more than 17 years abroad in Dubai, America and Australia, she is now back with a heartwarming story that combines her passion for family, rescue dogs, and the pursuit of dreams.

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In an interview with the Advertiser, Sarah Jane shared the reasons behind her decision to bring her rescue dogs from Dubai to the UK.

"I will be going back and forth a lot. But I've been wanting to settle back for the last five years, more because I've been away for more than 17 years," she said.

"I'm coming back more for my family because my mother's unwell. My parents are getting older, and I'm getting older.”

Andover Advertiser: Sarah Jane's rescue dog Buddy at Farnborough airportSarah Jane's rescue dog Buddy at Farnborough airport (Image: K9 Jets)

But the journey was also about her dogs. "I wanted them to have the grass, the fresh air, rather than the humidity and heat in Dubai. And I can also do a lot more of the rescue work from here and the relocation for rescues," Sarah Jane said.

The remarkable journey became possible when Sarah Jane entered a competition hosted by K9 Jets on Instagram.

The competition, which celebrated the launch of its inaugural Dubai to London flight, offered two lucky pet owners the chance to win a complimentary seat and cabin space for their canine companions.

Andover Advertiser: Sarah Jane's rescue dogs Archie and BuddySarah Jane's rescue dogs Archie and Buddy (Image: K9 Jets)

Sarah Jane's determination to bring her rescue dogs home led her to take extraordinary steps to win.

"I basically manifested it because I was away in Greece for a holiday, and as I was thinking how to get my dogs home in Andover. And weirdly enough, the next day, a competition came up, and I was like, 'I'm gonna win this’.”

Her dedication paid off, and she won the competition, securing a seat on the private jet from Dubai to Farnborough Airport.

She packed up her villa in just five days, leaving behind many of her belongings. Her arrival in Farnborough was nothing short of spectacular, with cameras flashing as she disembarked from the private jet.

Andover Advertiser: Sarah Jane with her rescue dogsSarah Jane with her rescue dogs (Image: K9 Jets)

Travelling with her rescue dogs on the private jet was an unforgettable experience for her.

She described it as "seamless" and expressed her gratitude for the care and attention provided by K9 Jets.

Her dogs, Buddy and Archie, had the freedom to roam on the plane, and the experience was nothing short of a dream come true for them as well.

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Sarah Jane hopes that her story will inspire others to pursue their dreams.

"I hope to inspire the younger generation by letting them know that dreams can become a reality. With enough determination and passion, you can make them happen, because if you believe, you will receive," she said.

"Regardless of your financial situation or background, it's all about the person you are. I can personally relate to this as I come from a humble family. In fact, my father, who is 74 years old, is still actively working as a plumber."

Her return to Andover is not just about settling back into the town but also continuing her work as a makeup artist and assisting with brokerage services for a private jet company different from K9 Jets.