A blind dog has been reunited with her owner after going missing for three days.

Molly, the 11-year-old pooch was found using a drone after her desperate owners called a dog search and rescue team to find her.

A UK-based charity called Drone To Home was able to locate the Labrador in just two hours.

Watch the touching moment Molly and her owner are reunited 

You can support the work Drone To Home does by donating and visiting www.dronetohome.org.uk.

Speaking about Molly's recovery, the charity's CEO, Phil James, said Molly's owner thought they would never find their beloved pet.

Molly's owner called in Drone To Home on the third day of Molly's disappearance - but her owner had feared her dog may have died.

Within just two hours of the call, Phil's team were able to locate Molly in Tissington, Derbyshire.

Phil, who is also the chief drone operator and Instructor for the charity, began the mission in 2019 with just himself and one drone.

He said: "I don't get emotional very often but the lab did bring a tear to my eye I must admit. I'm so happy for the owners to see them overjoyed."

He added: "I self funded it up until registering as a charity on the 29th April 2022 and to date we have reunited 2,487 dogs, three ponies, an emu, skunk and nine cows.

"We receive on average about 40 calls and messages a day through our virtual call centre and we have 11 volunteers am trained that answer the phones."

"We all love what we do and have the best job in the world."