THE future of an Andover music venue hangs in the balance as Test Valley Borough Council’s licensing sub-committee is preparing to decide its fate on Monday, November 13.

The Rockhouse, a well-known bar and live music venue at 41 London Street, is facing uncertainty following an application filed by the Hampshire Constabulary for the review of the venue's premises licence.

The application cites concerns about the breach of licensing objectives related to the prevention of crime and disorder.

Police are specifically seeking the removal of the current Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS), Tony Noakes.

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Ahead of the meeting, The Rockhouse has now launched an online petition seeking community support.

The petition, available on, has already garnered nearly 300 signatures.

The venue's supporters advocate for the preservation of its current late-night hours and licensing.

It said: "A reduction in operating hours will adversely affect the income of The Rockhouse and its staff. This venue significantly contributes to the local economy, and any cutback in hours may result in financial repercussions for both employees and the establishment.

"The Rockhouse serves as a safe and inclusive space for a diverse range of customers from various backgrounds. Altering the hours may limit accessibility and enjoyment for patrons of different ethnicities, Sexuality, cultures, and lifestyles who currently find solace in this venue.

"The Rockhouse has become an integral part of the local cultural scene, hosting events, live performances, and fostering artistic expression. A reduction in operating hours may limit opportunities for artists and musicians to showcase their talents, impacting the vibrant cultural fabric that the venue currently contributes to the community.

"The venue actively engages with the community through various initiatives, supporting local causes and creating a sense of unity. A reduction in hours may curtail the positive impact The Rockhouse has on community engagement and involvement in social issues."

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The petition concludes with a heartfelt plea for careful consideration of the implications any decision may have on the community.

The licensing sub-committee will consider information provided by the police and other relevant authorities, including the environmental protection team, which has noted positive interactions with Mr Noakes in the past.

You can see the online petition here: