LITTLE hands with big hearts took centre stage as an Andover nursery and preschool delivered 31 boxes to the town’s foodbank for this year’s shoebox appeal.

Finkley East Anton Nursery and Preschool created the boxes filled with age-appropriate essentials and delightful surprises, including plush toys and colouring books.

Nursery manager Paige Spencer said: “It's incredible to witness the enthusiasm of our little ones in spreading kindness. The shoebox appeal became a hands-on lesson in empathy, and the children embraced it wholeheartedly."

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Andover Advertiser: The nursery said that the delivery to the foodbank not only represents the generosity of Finkley East Anton's youngest members but also underscores the importance of instilling a sense of community responsibility from an early age.

Kayleigh Christopher, Finkley East Anton’s events coordinator, said: "We believe in the power of teaching empathy through action. The children learned that even small gestures can make a big difference in the lives of others.”

The nursery and preschool community eagerly anticipates future initiatives that will continue to nurture kindness and compassion among its youngest members.