A SCHEME to build four homes on land in Chilbolton has been withdrawn from Test Valley Borough Council's next planning committee following a concern raised by the parish council.

Alfred Homes is hoping to build four three-bedroom homes on land adjacent to Test Valley Farm, in Little Drove Road, but the plan has received more than 100 comments on the council's website - the majority being objections. 

The application was due to go before the borough council's planning committee on Thursday, November 23, but this has since changed, with the matter pulled from the meeting agenda.

This comes after a legal question was raised by Chilbolton Parish Council about the planning officer's report which would have gone before the council. 

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A spokesperson for Chilbolton Parish Council told the Advertiser: "The Chilbolton Parish Council has raised with TVBC a legal question regarding the officer’s report on a proposed development of 4 x 3 bedroom luxury houses at Test Valley Farm, Chilbolton.

"TVBC has removed the planning application for Test Valley Farm from the Northern Area Planning Committee meeting on Thursday, November 23 whilst they consider this matter.

"Chilbolton residents and Chilbolton Parish Council are strongly opposed to any new luxury homes in Chilbolton because of the proven shortage of one, two and three-bedroom houses for affordable starter homes and smaller homes for residents wishing to downsize.

"The Chilbolton Neighbourhood Plan is legally binding on developments in Chilbolton Parish since adoption in 2021 and includes a policy to give effect to this objective.
Policy HD1 (2) states that the mix of any individual development should only be one, two and three-bedroom homes including apartments, semi-detached, terraced or bungalows.

"Any questions should be referred to the Chilbolton parish clerk."

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The application had been recommended for approval by the council planning officer. 

This is not the first time a planning application has been submitted for the land at Test Valley Farm. Andrew Gibson, who sat on Hampshire County Council until May 2021, had previously applied to build nine, and then seven houses on the land at the farm.

Part of its land was controversially included within the village's settlement boundary, making it much easier to build houses there.

The proposal is the demolition of the existing building on site, and the erection of four residential dwellings with associated landscaping, access and parking.

Test Valley Borough Council have been contacted for comment but the Advertiser has not yet received a reply.