ON THE state opening of Parliament it was stated the Government is also considering a proposal to ban flavouring and attractive packaging while introducing sale display restrictions.

How to make them less affordable to children, I suppose taxes will be aimed at increasing the price of vapes. These restrictions are already introduced in the US and Canada.

I would like to see a ban on child-friendly flavours and packaging.

The most popular brand is Elf Bar, and the most popular flavours are fruit, sweet or soft drinks. Also to make sure the vapes are kept behind the shop counters.

Figures in 2023 show that 69 per cent of young people use a device that is a disposable single-use vape, which is up from 52 per cent. Young people are saying that vaping helps with their anxiety. More money should be put into the NHS to help with their anxiety problems.

My great concerns are their health, and what way is it damaging their health now and in the future.

As part of a government proposal, it is anticipated that the county council will receive £1.5m additional support until 2028/29. The majority is expected to be spent on expanding the Hampshire Stop Smoking service, but could also be allocated to an awareness-raising workforce, training and youth prevention activities.

It has been difficult for young people since Covid as well as everyone else, the restrictions of not being able to meet their friends and socialising, obviously this has caused some mental health problems with our young people as well.

My next greatest concern is what it is doing to the environment, these disposable vapes and boxes have stickers which are stuck to the tops of bins, with the boxes and vapes just thrown on the floor and not recycled properly, although there are bins in the vapes shop to recycle them. Also, the damage they do if they set on fire in a bin lorry with the batteries inside them.

I know there is legislation to bring into law, a commitment to ending smoking by ensuring no child born after January the 1st 2009 can ever take up smoking.

Under these measures, the legal age for buying cigarettes will rise by one year every year for this current generation.

With all these measures being taken, I would like to see them done immediately rather than later. Time is ticking.