WORK to update the water supply at one of the town council's allotments will be carried out in early December.

As previously reportedAndover Town Council became aware of an issue at The Drove allotment after receiving a high water bill.

It took a meter reading on Monday, September 11 which showed "a considerable amount" of water was leaking at the site and being continuously used while no tenants were there. 

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Subsequent readings were taken to try and ascertain how much water was being lost, which showed "significant usage", resulting in the council deciding to turn off the water supply to stop the wastage while it investigated the matter. 

The issue was originally discussed at a council meeting on September 20, and on October 18 at another meeting councillors spoke about replacing the water supply.

Despite the town council agreeing to accept a quote to renew the water network at The Drove allotment, the works have yet to be undertaken by the contractor due to inclement weather.

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The contractor has proposed that the works will be started around December 4, although this will still be weather-dependent.

Cllr Kevin Hughes clarified that the delay was not increasing any cost that the town council would have to pay, which Cllr Ted Reynolds confirmed to be the case as the water at the site has already been switched off, preventing money from being lost from leaks in the water network.

Cllr Reynolds previously added that installing new pipework was guaranteed to last 50 years underground.