AN EXPERIENCED instructor is opening a new yoga studio in the Tangley countryside after finding there was a lack of space dedicated solely to the form of exercise in the Andover area.

Louise de Menthon will open Loup Yoga Studio in the village near Charlton, in January, having spent months drawing up plans and renovating a barn near her home, previously being used as a garden shed.

The 34-year-old said: “I moved from London a year and a half ago. I was spoilt for choice in London with yoga studios, then I got here and found some lovely teachers in and around Andover, but they are all operating out of pools and schools, and I thought we need a yoga studio.”

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Andover Advertiser: Louise de Menthon is opening yoga studio Loup Yoga in TangleyThe studio, which was built using raw and natural materials wherever possible, will have capacity for 16 people and Louise will also be offering hot yoga, having installed infrared panels.

The space is entirely eco-friendly, using only sustainable and organic brands, in an all-natural environment.

“I’m feeling very hopeful and positive. I think that doing yoga is transformational,” Louise said.

“I used to work in human rights for the Human Rights Commission, as well as a selection of charities, I was intent on making a difference. I found that however important the mission, the staff and the people who were trying to carry out that work were super stressed, also a whole range of mental and physical issues were arising.”

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To help combat the stress Louise attended a Pilates class, before moving on to yoga and got “completely hooked”. She said: “I hadn’t realised you could get such a profound shift when doing yoga.”

She was doing classes before and after work and after a couple of years decided to change her career to become a yoga teacher before training others to teach the form of exercise.

“Since moving out to the countryside and having children I’ve really focused on that but I’m ready to ramp up teaching again.”

Speaking about the studio, Louise said: “On one side of us is nothing but woodland and meadow, so it’s a natural sanctuary. It felt to me like it would be such a treat to practice yoga in such a peaceful setting.”

Louise, who is a mum to identical twins, will also be holding workshops and retreats, along with working alongside other local businesses to showcase their work.

The studio is holding a launch event on Thursday, December 14, but this is fully booked.

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