A LOVING Andover family have impressively kept the same name for five generations.

The tradition started when Kathleen Vickery, 84, gave her name to her daughter Wendy Kathleen Shaw, 62, and ever since then the Kathleen name has been passed down the generations.

Wendy passed it onto her daughter who is named Nicola Kathleen Kay, now 43.

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Andover Advertiser: The Family all together

Next comes Wendy's granddaughter Megan Kathleen Robinsons. The 21-year-old has now kept the tradition with the latest addition to the family, eight-week-old Iris Kathleen Robinsons.

Wendy said: "It was just a really nice family tradition to keep going especially as it doesn't happen very often now. We didn't know if Megan would keep it going with Iris but she did. It is also nice that it's five generations of girls."

She told the Advertiser that the family have "always been very close" and hopes to keep the tradition going for years to come.