A MAN whose remains were found in an unused barn near Micheldever barn may be from southern France, according to scientific analysis.

The remains were found in a disused barn near the village of Micheldever six years ago, on Friday December 1, 2017.

A number of personal effects, including a sleeping bag, road map and rucksack, were found, which suggested the man had been living outdoors for some time. It is believed the man died of natural causes.

Detectives have now launched an appeal in France as part of their enquiries to identify the man.

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Officers have also re-released a facial reconstruction image of the man who was believed to be white, aged 35 to 50, and approximately 5’8’’ tall with brown hair. 

The appeal, launched with the help of missing person charity Locate International, focuses on southern France, following scientific work done on the remains by the University of Reading.

In 2019, a public appeal identified witnesses who had met the man in the late summer of 2012.

The man asked the witnesses if he could camp overnight in their garden in the small village of Itchen Stoke, just over seven miles from where the body was later found. 

They described the man having a French accent who spoke good English.

He also told the witnesses he was travelling through England to go on to Ireland or Canada and claimed to have served in the French Military when younger.

It is possible that he was deaf or hard of hearing in one ear.

Despite this information, and extensive forensic and DNA examinations, poice have been unable to identify him.

However, recent Isotope analysis of bone and teeth samples, conducted by Geochemist Dr Stuart Black at the University of Reading, suggests that the man likely grew up in either southern or south-eastern France, western Switzerland or Corsica.

The analysis also revealed pollutants indicating that the man spent his early life in a sizeable town or city and had a marine fish rich diet.

Using this new information, Locate International, a UK-based charity that looks into the cold cases of missing people and unidentified bodies, have launched an appeal in southern France to solve the case.

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Doug Utting, from the Serious Case Review team at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary, said: “I would like to thank Locate International and Dr Stuart Black at the University of Reading for all their help so far with this case.

“It seems very likely that this man died very shortly after interacting with the witnesses we have now identified and lay undiscovered for five years.

“Our enquiries have led us to believe that he grew up in southern or south-eastern France, Corsica or western Switzerland. 

“Through this new appeal, I hope we can hear from people in those areas that recognise the man described as someone they may know and who they have not seen or heard from since 2012.”

Dave Grimstead, CEO of Locate International, said: “The key to us solving this mystery seems to lie in France.

“Does he look like anyone you lost contact with? Did you serve with him in the military at any point? Do you remember someone losing their hearing in one ear in this way?

“He died alone, but we want to make sure he is not forgotten after his death. Even just one small piece of information you have can help us identify him.”

If you recognise the man in the image or perhaps you met a man matching this description who told you a similar story about his travel plans, please contact police.

If you know anyone from France, Switzerland or Corsica who may fit the description or who you have not heard from, since late 2012, you might be able to help.

If you have any information, no matter how small it may seem, get it touch with police. It may be the vital piece of the puzzle that could lead to his identification and repatriation with family members.

People should call 101 quoting reference 44170467777 or submit information via police website at hampshire.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about/cor/tell-us-about-existing-case-report/