THE Wellington Primaries in Ludgershall recently embarked on an enchanting journey into the realm of poetry, guided by author and poet, Paul Cookson.

Paul amazed the pupils with his witty and rib-tickling poetry with all pupils and staff partaking in the movements and singing along with the words.

He spoke to pupils about the importance of why he acts out and speaks aloud his poetry.  

Both Wellington Lions and Wellington Eagles pupils were treated to exciting workshops, where Paul shared his journey into poetry.

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Paul’s poetry was displayed by Everton Football Club for one of their matches.

He is also good friends with famous drummer Don Powell. Paul has written three albums with him and his best friend Les Glover.

Jake Bailey, headteacher for Wellington Lions Primary Academy, said: “Poetry is a fun way for pupils to express themselves and having Paul come in was a great treat for the pupils.

"Having read through each of the classes’ poems, we hope to make a book with them all. Pupils had commented on how much fun Paul’s assembly and workshop was and expressed how sad they were for their workshops to finish.”