A NEW online map shows the areas of Andover where the air pollution is higher because of a lack of trees. 

The showcases inequalities in urban tree cover across the UK, revealing which areas have a lower tree equity score.

The tree equity score calculates how the benefits of trees are reaching communities living on low incomes as well as people disproportionately affected by environmental hazards including pollution.

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Test Valley ranks at 90 out of 100 - an average taken from neighbourhoods in the borough. 

The score is marked from zero to 100. The lower the number, the greater the priority for trees to be planted in the area. A score of 100 means the area meets the 'minimum standard' for the number of trees in the area. 

The worst area in Andover for tree equity is Walworth Business Park, with the highest priority for trees to be planted due to its score of 68 out of 100.

Anna Fields, Bishops Way and Saxon Fields all scored 100, meeting the minimum standard for the amount of trees in the area. Augusta Park and Andover Town also scored 100.

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The map uses tree canopy data from Google and six indicators including climate, health, and socioeconomic to generate the tree equity score.

The score indicates that in areas with lower tree cover, there is a link between poor air quality and higher levels of pollution.

The Tree Equity Score was first launched by American Forests in the US in 2021 and recently launched in a partnership between American Forests, the Woodland Trust, and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

To view your neighbourhood tree equity score, visit: uk.treeequityscore.org