AS the year draws to a close we have taken a look back at the schools and nurseries in and around Andover that currently 'outstanding' Ofsted gradings.

Teachers and staff at educational establishments across Andover work incredibly hard all year round to educate children and teenagers.

We have put together at list of ones that have made the top grading.

The areas that are inspected are the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and early years provision. 

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Testbourne Community School (Whitchurch)

Testbourne Community School, in Micheldever Road, has retained the top grading since its last report which was published in 2010.

The school was given particular credit for its curriculum.

The report reads: "The personal development of the students throughout the school is excellent. Rigorous self-evaluation and meticulous planning have ensured that the school now has an outstanding curriculum which motivates and engages students in their learning."

Staff were praised for making a big improvement since the previous report which rated the school as 'good'.

The report continues: "The excellent quality of leadership and management in driving the school forward has been the key to the improvements made since the last inspection."

Longparish Church of England Primary School

The school in Longparish was visited by the education watchdog in December 2019, and a report published said: “The findings do not change the overall effectiveness judgement of outstanding from the last section 5 inspection.”

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The inspector looked at how specific subjects are taught at the school, including modern foreign languages (MFL).

The report said: “Leaders and staff know that there is work to be done to meet the breadth and ambition of the national curriculum. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 learn more or less the same aspects in German as they did in French when in Years 3 and 4.

“They do not study one language across the whole of Key Stage 2, which limits pupils’ progression and does not allow pupils to access the full programme of study for MFL.”

Norman Gate School

The 'outstanding' graded school can be found in Vigo Road in Andover and its last inspection took place on Tuesday March 21 and Wednesday, March 22, this year.

The report said: "Leaders maintain a warm, welcoming and positive atmosphere in the school. Pupils are interested in visitors, often greeting them with a smile and a wave, or a polite question about who they are. Staff provide strong role models for pupils. They combine high expectations of learning and behaviour with care and understanding, so that pupils feel safe and comfortable.

The school was first given the grade following an inspection in 2010.

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Icknield School

The school, in River Way in Andover, has retained an 'outstanding' grade since 2015.

The latest report, published in February 2019 said: "The leadership team has maintained the outstanding quality of education in the school since the last inspection."

Andover Advertiser: Icknield SchoolIcknield School (Image: Google Maps)

The school was praised because "warm and mutually respectful relationships" are evident right from the start of the school day.

The report also states that "parents are positive about the school’s work".

Portway Infant School

The Andover school in Ashfield Road, received its first ever 'outstanding' grading in July 2012, to which it has held ever since.

The report praised members of staff at the school for creating a "a happy, caring environment" that allows pupils to thrive.

Andover Advertiser: Portway Infant SchoolPortway Infant School (Image: Google Maps)

Students were also given credit for their "outstanding behaviour.

Anton Junior School

The junior school, in Barlows Lane, Andover, has retained its 'outstanding' grading since its last inspection with the report being published on March 2014.

The reports states that students "learn very effectively" due to the "outstanding teaching" at the school.

The report also praises teaching assistants, it states: "Excellent, well-trained, highly committed
teaching assistants play a very effective role in supporting the learning of small groups
and individuals."

The Mark Way School

The school in Andover, in Batchelors Barn Road, was awarded the top rating in its latest report published in February 2020. 

The report reads: "Pupils at the Mark Way School are exceptionally well prepared for their future lives. They have consistently positive attitudes towards their schoolwork. They are rightly proud of their achievements. Pupils strive to achieve their personal goals. The school ‘virtues’, communication, responsibility, tolerance, respect, resilience, independence, courage and organisation, are an intrinsic part of everything pupils do. As a result, pupils flourish."

The report also noted that "all staff hold the highest expectations for what pupils can achieve".

Overton Church of England Primary School

The school, in Court Drove, was last graded as 'outstanding' when inspectors visited in July 2015, a grading it has held since 2011.

The report states: "All pupils, including those who are eligible for additional funding, the most able pupils and those who are disabled or have special educational needs, make outstanding progress."

The report also said that a high "proportion of pupils" take part in a "wide range of additional activities" outside the classroom.

The leadership and management of the school was also given high praise.

Clatford Church of England Primary School

In March 2014 the school, in Village Street, Goodworth Clatford, received its first 'outstanding' rating, an upgrade from its previous 'good' rating.

The report praises parents, staff and students saying "they are overwhelmingly positive about Clatford Primary because they rightly believe that this is a school where every child matters and everyone is valued".

The report reads: "Every child matters and everyone is valued.  Irrespective of ability or background, pupils’ achievement is outstanding, teaching is never less than consistently good and pupils invariably enjoy school."

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Finkley Andover Nursery and Preschool 

Established in 2017, Finkley Andover Nursery and Preschool, in North Way, is a unique childcare facility in the heart of Andover. It received an 'outstanding' rating from Ofsted after an inspection that was carried out on Monday, October 19, this year.

The report said leaders have created an 'extremely unique, child-centred learning environment.' As a result, children are eager to attend the nursery, bubbling with anticipation to start each day.

The Ofsted report highlighted staff for their role in promoting children's independence and 'encouraging their creativity and critical thinking, providing exciting and enticing learning experiences for children to explore and investigate.'

YMCA East Anton nursery

YMCA East Anton, in Dairy Road, has received praise in all areas from the education watchdog who visited the nursery on Tuesday, August 15, this year.

On Friday, September 15, a report into the inspection was published which rated the establishment as ‘outstanding’. It was graded as ‘good’ in 2018.

The report said: “Staff know children incredibly well and prioritise children's need for emotional security above all else. Children access a range of resources to identify and communicate their feelings, such as colours and emotion cards. Staff pay close attention to children's non-verbal cues, providing language to validate their emotions. As a result, children are exceptionally happy, confident and secure.”

Inspectors observed that children develop “exceptional early literacy skills” through their passion for books, with staff selecting stories which capture their emerging interests and “seamlessly incorporate what children need to learn next”.

Poppies Daycare Nursery (Tidworth)

Poppies Daycare Nursery, in Ordnance Road, has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted following a visit on February 3, having previously been graded as ‘good’ in 2017.

In a report published in March, inspector Catherine Parker-Johns said: “Highly skilled staff encourage children's excellent behaviour across all age ranges. Older children are exceptionally polite and respectful towards others. They are very considerate and independently share resources.

“All children benefit from the especially ambitious curriculum and staff's high expectations. Staff rapidly identify and thoroughly support children who may need additional support to achieve.”

Praise was also given to management who were said to be “highly effective”.

Please let us know if we have missed your school or nursery.