A SUSTAINABILITY and recycling champion visited an Andover school to talk about litter and plastics and how children can help the planet.

Attitude of Gratitude Campaigner Manuela Wahnon hosted an assembly at Roman Way School to discuss the detrimental effects of litter and plastics on our environment.

During her talk, Manuela not only raised awareness about the environmental challenges posed by litter and plastics but also inspired the children to take active roles in combating these issues.

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Andover Advertiser: Sam Jankowski, with headteacher Sarah Jones, Maneula Wahnon and Cllr David DrewShe encouraged the young minds to understand the importance of responsible waste solutions, particularly when it comes to plastics.

The discussion aimed not only to educate but also to instil a sense of empowerment in the children, motivating them to make informed choices for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Joined by Cllr David Drew, recycling and environmental services portfolio holder, and volunteer Sam Jankowski, the event became a collaborative effort to emphasise the urgency of addressing plastic and litter pollution.

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Pupils were told that every small action, such as proper waste disposal and reducing single-use plastics, contributes significantly to the collective effort to preserve our environment for future generations.

In an email to Manuela, Roman Way School headteacher Sarah Jones said: “Thank you so much for your lovely assembly yesterday. The children clearly enjoyed it very much and understood the very important messages that you shared with them. 

“It was a pleasure to meet the councillor and I'm so glad that you loved our fabulous school.“