ANDOVER Men's Shed has found a new hope at the Chantry Centre as it opened its doors at Unit 9 of the shopping centre.

After starting in 2015 at the Enham Trust, this vibrant group of men now has a central location to share their skills.

The Shed joins a network of over 1,000 Men's Sheds across the UK, offering a vital space for older men to connect, pursue hobbies, and contribute to the community.

Speaking at the opening of the Chantry Centre unit, borough councillor Iris Andersen said: "It's crucial for older men to have somewhere to meet friends, work on projects for the good of others, and feel their contributions matter."

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And with the Chantry Centre as their base, the Shed hopes to offer this space for years to come.

The members of Andover Shed have been busy creating Christmas items which they sell from the new shop.

But their contributions extend far beyond the holiday season.

From fundraising for other charities to building play equipment and owl boxes for schools, the Shedders weave their skills and kindness to help the community.

UK Men's Shed Association ambassador Graham Gowman said the decision by the Andover members to move to the Chantry Centre is already paying dividends.

He added: "Our products are selling. That's really important, because grants are falling. So if you can pay for yourself as you go, that is a real benefit.

"By doing that, the members also feel much better about themselves. If they sell what they do, it enhances their wellbeing. And it's just a much much better place for them to be."

Newcomers are encouraged to join the Andover Men’s Shed, and the organisation is actively seeking new members.

Specific skills are not important as newcomers can be safely introduced to the workshop.

The welcoming and inclusive nature of the Shed ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or expertise, can contribute meaningfully.

"We just need new blood coming in," Mr Gowman added.