Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council have responded after an Andover road has remained closed for more than half a year after a building fire left the area unsafe.

As previously reported, firefighters were called to the former Anton Laundry building, in Marlborough Street, at around 3pm on Saturday, May 27.

Crews from Andover, Dorset and Wiltshire battled the fire for almost three hours.

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Andover Advertiser: Old Anton laundry, in Marlborough StreetOld Anton laundry, in Marlborough Street (Image: Kiran Sajan)Following the fire, Marlborough Street has been closed for more than seven months, with works underway to make the derelict building and surrounding site safe.

The Advertiser understands Marlborough Street will remain closed until some form of structure has been put in place to support the building.

As the building leans towards Marlborough Street, a proposed supporting structure will need to be signed off by a structural engineer before the road can be reopened. 

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No date for the reopening of Marlborough Street has yet been given, despite the fire happening more than seven months ago in May 2023.

A spokesperson for Test Valley Borough Council said: "The ownership of the Anton Laundry site changed towards the end of last year.  We have been in contact with the new owners, in relation to the condition of the fire-damaged building.

"They are looking at the state of the building, including whether it is possible to provide temporary support to the structure, which would potentially allow at least the partial re-opening of Marlborough Street.  

"This is not straightforward and requires specialist technical advice, but we are pursuing this with them, in the interests of this listed building, and in order to see the highway brought back in use as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: "Test Valley Borough Council is working with the building owners to ensure that it is made safe. Once the county council has confirmation that the building is safe, the road will be re-opened."