Wellington Lions Primary, in Tidworth, began the new year with a day dedicated to its pride, value and vision.

Headteacher Jake Bailey welcomed students and staff back for a roaring start to 2024, giving pupils an insight into some very exciting changes to come.

The new values of perseverance, respect, independence and daring were introduced, and the school's motto of ‘everybody working together to be the best they can be’, were carefully selected by Mr Bailey and his team to meet the vision and mission of the school.

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The school is also looking at a house system that will work alongside this.

Wellington Lions Primary will also be welcoming its very own mascot, but before he can start at Wellington Lions, pupils were tasked with the important job of designing a t-shirt for him to match alongside his fellow classmates.

Andover Advertiser: Wellington Lions Primary studentsWellington Lions Primary students (Image: Wellington Lions Primary School)

Alongside a new t-shirt, Lion’s mascot will need a name, with pupils entrusted to give him a name that would get a roar of approval.

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Mr Bailey said: “Our new vision, which is now up on the school's website, encompasses what we want for our children here at Wellington Lions.

"We want to hear our children roar and to do this we aim to provide an educational experience that fosters perseverance, respect, independence, and courage through being daring which will set our pupils on a path to a bright and promising future to be the best they can be.

"We started the day with an assembly where the children were given time to think about each of the new values and what they mean to them.

"The message that the school is a family similar to that of a lion's pride was also expressed. Every child that passes through our school will always be a Lion.”