A TOWN council meeting descended into chaos - with councillors insulting each other and swearing - which led to the mayor walking out. 

Andover Town Council met on Wednesday, January 24, to go through a 24-point agenda but tensions rose, and several councillors ended up in heated exchanges. 

Arguments erupted following fallout over a mockumentary made by Cllr Joseph Hughes in December. 

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As previously reported, the idea of filming a mockumentary was proposed by Cllr Joseph Hughes at a meeting of the authority in September, in a bid to promote the town humorously, but also highlight businesses and charities in the town. 

Cllr Joseph Hughes however went ahead and released the film before Christmas, independent of the council. 

The film sparked 16 letters of complaints from residents. 

During yesterday's meeting, the first of the new year, members of the public asked questions of Andover Mayor, Cllr Robin Hughes, and the council as a whole, regarding the mockumentary.

The public showed dissatisfaction with the mockumentary upload and suggested the town council's reputation had been 'damaged' by the release of the video.

This led to bickering and insults between several councillors, while others continuously spoke over each other.

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The meeting came to ahead around an hour and 45 minutes in, when Cllr Richard Kidd told Cllr Mark Farren to “shut the f*** up” following a debate between Cllr Farren and Cllr Kevin Hughes, about council processes.

Left with no other option, Cllr Robin Hughes took order of the situation, before saying to Cllr Farren he would ask him to leave if he carried on interrupting.

Despite warnings, the meeting continued in chaos and disagreements, with Cllr Robin Hughes being forced to bang the gavel on more than one occasion.

He eventually ended up walking out of the room, during a swell of arguing, and returned five minutes later.

While Cllr Robin Hughes was away from the meeting, it was chaired by deputy mayor Cllr Jason Sangster.

Throughout the meeting members of the public expressed their disappointment with councillors with several comments, including calling for them to “be professional”, and highlighting the attendance of a reporter from the Advertiser.

The council was also forced to extend the meeting by half an hour, but due to constant disagreements, it was not able to complete the full agenda.

Following the meeting, a member of the public said: "This is absolutely unbelievable."

Six items from this week's agenda will now be discussed at the council’s next meeting on Wednesday, February 21.

Andover Town Council was contacted but it did not want to provide a comment.