READERS have shared what makes them proud to live in Andover.

We recently asked our readers on Facebook 'What makes you proud to live in our area?' 

The post was flooded with responses from people keen to share their favourite things about our town, and we've selected a few of our favourites which we have shared in a list below.

Community spirit

There truly is a sense of community in Andover, and readers were keen to point this out.

One reader said: "The way the community rallies together when a pet goes missing, the volunteers in our community that give so much of their time, there is so much to be proud of."

Another added: "The kindness of the community when people are in need [is] second to none."

A different reader also said: "The way businesses and communities came together to help others, particularly this Christmas just gone."

The people

Many readers were kind enough to mention the friendly nature of the people of the town.

One said there are: "Lots of good people here."

While another added: "I have lovely neighbours."

Music scene

One thing our town does better than most is music. You can always find decent live music in Andover, be it in a venue like the Rock House or a busker out in the street.

One reader commented: "The music community we have in the town is something I’ve found very welcoming as a newcomer and proud to be a part of along with the community efforts of local charities."

Countryside and green space

Our readers were keen to brag about the abundance of countryside and green space within our local area, just look around you, areas like the Clatfords and Charlton Lakes shouldn't;t be taken for granted.

One reader said: "We have some unique green spaces and rivers. Whilst undervalued they’re great communities for all."

Another added: "The crystal clear waters in our rivers and lakes. Warms my heart every time I see it.."

What makes you proud to live in Andover?

Let us know in the comments.