Valentine's Day is fast approaching. A day to celebrate love.

For many, this can be a stressful triggering time. For singles, those who are grieving or mourning lost love, or anyone who might be unhappy within their current relationship.

Sometimes, we are tormented with feelings of low self-worth and not feeling good enough for anyone, and sometimes completely unlovable because confidence has hit an all-time low, due to difficult experiences in love.

In some circumstances, these feelings are often forced upon us by the ones who we have loved and trusted the most in our lives, but ultimately left us feeling disappointed and broken. 

Whatever situation you find yourself in, the best advice I could give to people who are feeling insignificant.

Tormented with feelings of low self-worth and not feeling good enough for anyone is to focus on the longest relationship you will ever have. And that is the relationship you have with yourself.

This will be your longest relationship in life and it's so important you treat yourself well. From experience, self-love goes beyond simple self-care acts. Instead, it’s a mindset and a routine. It’s giving ourselves a break, changing our view of the world and ourselves and letting go of the past and the things we have no control over.

When Valentine's Day arrives and you are not spending it with a significant other, plan your own night. Think about your needs. What makes you feel great?

Valentine's Day is a time to feel loved, so show yourself how much you love yourself, this can be the perfect time to develop a self-care routine.

Repetition of a feel-good self-care routine will then become a non-negotiable part of your everyday.

This will give you the support to deal with whatever is thrown at you and help to separate your inner critic from your real inner voice. As well as the strength needed to let go of people who want to give up on you. 

I feel sometimes the commercialisation aspect of Valentine's Day has a huge focus on romantic love. But, Valentine's Day is a day for love. That includes all love.

So, send a card to your family and friends. It then makes the day a day of gratitude where the people in your life feel appreciation and that in itself can become infectious. Small steps create big smiles. 

This article was written by health and well-being expert Hannah Stephens, from Andover.