HERE are the five most commonly mispronounced place names near Andover.

Hampshire is full of some rather uniquely named villages and towns. Those who don't come from the area may find some hard to pronounce. 

We've put together a list of the most commonly mispronounced place names near Andover, and how to correctly say them.

  1. Wherwell  - Wer-well - Often mispronounced as 'where-well' or  'were-wall',  the spelling definitely throws people off
  2. Ludgershall  - Luh-guh-shawl - A lot of people would pronounce the first part of this word to rhyme with 'sludge' - and a lot of people would be wrong. The 'd' is there for absolutely no reason other than to confuse everyone
  3. Chute  - Ch-oot - You'd be forgiven for pronouncing this as 'shoot', like rubbish chute. However, the 'ch' is the hard sound, like in the word 'chicken'
  4. Micheldever - Mi-chul-deh-vuh - forget what you learned in school about 'short vowel, double letter' - using this grammar rule, many will pronounce this place as  'Mi-chul-dee-vuh' - but that rule does not apply here
  5. Faccombe - Fack-em - Many people pronounce this village with emphasis on the latter half of the word, either saying 'fack-oom' or 'fack-comb'. However, the correct pronunciation sounds more like a cockney saying a rude word.

Are there any places we've missed? 

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