These are the best photos from Hampshire's Camera Clubs this week.

These photos were shared by members of the Andover Advertiser, Basingstoke Gazette, Hampshire Chronicle and Romsey Advertiser Camera Clubs.

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  1. Hampshire Chronicle Camera Club member Sheila Anne Williams shared this lovely photo of a Bohemian Waxwing

  2. Andover Advertiser Camera Club member Pete Taylor took this amazing close-up of a Kestrel

  3. Hampshire Chronicle Camera Club member Daniel Brown shared this photo of the war memorial statue outside Winchester Cathedral 

  4. Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club member 'Justsome Photos' shared this impressive long-exposure shot

  5. Andover Advertiserr Camera Club member Linda Price took this photo at Charlton Lakes

  6. Romsey Advertiser Camera Club member Andy Louch shared this gorgeous scene