Plans to bring a cashless bank after announcing the closure of the Barclay's bank has not impressed the town. 

Barclays announced that it will close its Andover branch at 5 High Street on Friday, May 17.

Instead, it will open a Barclays Local, a site where customers can meet a colleague face-to-face for banking support as they would in a branch.

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Barclays Local is a flexible community presence in places such as town halls and libraries, mobile vans and banking pods.

Customers can access a range of in-person support such as help with digital banking, financial reviews, balance checks transfers and bill payments.

Residents have responded to the news on Facebook.

Caroline Longman was keen for the bank to stay in its location. She wrote: "It is such a beautiful classical building. It deserves a new life. Even if it was made into a hotel, there would still be room for a small bank branch there."

Janina McBride wrote: "No. People will always need to speak to someone and not by phone where you have to wait a long time to be put through to speak to someone."

Archie Curtis questioned the plans. He wrote: "What's the point of a cashless site? The only reason I use the bank is to put cash in it"

Another resident said he has to travel to Portsmouth to bank. Stuart Mcmahon said: "I absolutely hate that many bank branches are now going cashless. I go to the post office to get the kind of cash I want, but they refuse me as I do not have a business card.

"My nearest full-service bank is in Portsmouth, a 2-hour round trip to do the kind of banking I like, that's not on."

Jack Sisson joked: "A cashless bank is like a car without brakes, useless."

The closure of the main branch means Barclays users in Andover will now depend on Barclays app, telephone banking, online banking and video banking, and the Barclays Local site for cashless transactions.

The closest Barclays branch is at 50 Jewry Street, Winchester.