A DEVELOPER is looking to build 32 houses in a village near Andover despite a previous application being rejected by the borough council.

Strategic land promotion company Macra Ltd has submitted an outline planning application to demolish existing structures in Picket Piece to build 32 new houses.

A previous application for the same project was refused by Test Valley Borough Council in May 2023 for various reasons including its location in the countryside, not complimenting to the area, and concerns over privacy and the environment.

 The applicant has since appealed against this decision.

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While the appeal is still pending, Macra decided to submit a second planning application to the borough council, hoping for a different outcome this time.

The application site is located at the eastern end of Picket Piece and is accessed via Walworth Road.

The 1.17ha site is outside the settlement boundary of the local plan policies map and is in the countryside but lies immediately adjacent to the new neighbourhood in Picket Piece.

It comprises of a former business park, including the remains of three buildings associated hardstanding and infrastructure.

Out of the 32 new houses planned, 13 are proposed as affordable, according to the planning statement.

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Macra said in its planning application: “The vision is to utilise a disused brownfield site to create an attractive new development that makes a positive impact on the local area .

“The proposed scheme responds positively to its setting, respecting the existing uses nearby while anticipating the development of the COM6 residential allocation to the west . This will enable development to knit in to the area as it currently is, but future-proof it for further development in the years to come.

“The proposed new footway on Walworth Road provides a valuable new asset to the area, enabling existing and future residents to travel safely and sustainably in to Picket Piece and Andover.”