IN THE bustling world of pest control, where traditional methods often dominate, an Andover resident is soaring to new heights with an innovative and humane approach.

Terry Chandler, who has 30 years of experience in pest control, has launched a business that utilises trained Harris hawks and terriers for eco-friendly pest solutions.

The 55-year-old launched his business named Talons & Terriers to help people with eliminating the mess and potential health risks associated with unwanted birds and pests, all without harming them.

Andover Advertiser: Terry Chandler after a pest control mission in WantageTerry Chandler after a pest control mission in Wantage (Image: Contributed)

"It started as a hobby, but my passion for birds of prey and pest control led me to create this unique service," said Terry.

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At the heart of Talons & Terriers are three magnificent Harris Hawks - two male and one female - and two dedicated terriers.

Terry's hawk work is particularly noteworthy. By harnessing the natural instincts of these majestic birds of prey, he mitigates bird-related nuisances without resorting to drastic measures.

"You fly the hawks around, say a nursing home or some aircraft hangars. And it basically stops pigeons, seagulls, etc., nesting in the buildings," he said.

Andover Advertiser: Terry ChandlerTerry Chandler (Image: Contributed)

It's a simple yet remarkably effective solution that has garnered praise from clients across various sectors, including hospitals, garden centres, and farm buildings.

But Talons & Terriers doesn't stop there.

For rodent issues, Terry relies on his trusty terriers to humanely control populations of rats, mice, and other small critters.

This combined approach offers clients a comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution to their pest problems.

Andover Advertiser: Terry Chandler with his hawksTerry Chandler with his hawks (Image: Contributed)

More than just a business, Terry sees Talons & Terriers as a mission. "I take pride in providing humane dispatch in all my services," he said.

With a brand new truck, a user-friendly website, and a wealth of experience, Terry is now looking forward to serving the community in Andover and beyond.

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"This is the best time of year to address potential pest problems before they become bigger issues," he said.

"People don't normally call you to pigeon nesting in farm buildings or nursing homes. But it always leads to debris and poo, which is toxic. So I really want to progress my work with the hawks."

To get in touch with Terry and his hawks and terriers, go to