A CHARLTON woman determined to make Andover a menopause-friendly town has been overwhelmed with support after an event she organised sold out at The Lights. 

As previously reported, Claire Hattrick, The Executive Menopause Coach, organised an event at The Lights on Wednesday, February 7, to talk about all things menopause. She sold at least 250 tickets.

Claire said she felt a little overwhelmed by all the messages of thanks and support she received after the show but is already planning the next one 

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Andover Advertiser: Hundreds attend menopause event in Andover

She said: "We had a long list of people waiting for tickets and so many people asked me on the night to host these shows on a regular basis."

With the support of businessman, Simon Potter from The Commercial Centre Claire wrote the menopause show to help the community of Andover and surrounding villages to have a basic understanding of menopause, as well as sharing her own experience.

"‘There is a huge lack of support for women in the workplace with over 80% saying there is little or no support at all. Women should not feel that they have no option but to cut their working hours or leave the workplace altogether due to a lack of support or understanding from their employer." she continued.

Since the Covid lockdown Claire Hattrick, The Executive Menopause Coach, has been sharing advice on menopause with people online and visiting companies to educate them on the period of life.

The 56-year-old said she lost 10 years of her life to undiagnosed menopause joint pain, leaving her unable to sit, stand or walk. She is now on a mission to make sure other women do not suffer the same.

She is passionate about women retaining their jobs in the workplace, but has struggled to get businesses on side in and around Andover, so decided to take on the mission herself.

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Joining Claire on stage was a highly experienced panel of experts including a British Menopause Society GP, a pelvic health expert, a menopause PT, a menopause nutritionist and a natural supplements company. 

Claire talked about her own experience in depth and detail, then the panel answered questions and the audience got to meet them before and during the interval for an in-person chat.

The night was a huge success, with lots of fun and laughter and every guest leaving with lots of knowledge and information from Claire and her panel.

All the details of the next show will be posted on the ‘The Executive Menopause Coach's Instagram and Facebook pages.

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