A PARKING company has said there was 'no evidence of an error' after an Andover resident was hit with a £100 bill for visiting a car wash twice in one day.

As previously reported, John Jones received the notice after visiting IMO Car Wash at Enham Arch Retail Park on Tuesday, January 19.

The 72-year-old went to get his red Mazda washed at around 11.30am only to discover the business was closed, before exiting the retail park car park.

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Andover Advertiser: John Jones with the parking charge

He later returned to the car wash at around 4.30pm, after noticing a Facebook post which said it was open.

Upon returning from a holiday later in the month, Mr Jones discovered a £100 bill from Total Parking Solutions, which claimed that his car had remained in the retail park car park for five hours and demanded payment for exceeding the maximum stay time of three hours.

A spokesperson for Total Parking Solutions said that Mr Jones ‘wisely appealed the parking charge’ as it ‘always encourage motorists to appeal’.

However, the company added that it found ‘no evidence of an error in this charge’ but have cancelled the £100 invoice as a ‘gesture of goodwill’.

Speaking previously to the Advertiser, Mr Jones said: "This is a serious error by Total Parking Solutions. Sky News recently claimed that most people just pay these parking charge claims, thinking they are real parking fines. They are not. They are simply invoices requesting payment for the motorist.”