ARTWORK featuring six of Andover's native wildflowers is now on display at the town's train station.

The artwork, which was created by Andover Young Carers (AYC) with support from Andover Trees United (ATU), is on display as part of the Art @The Station initiative, which provides young artists with spaces to display their work.

The mixed media collage represents ATU's poll to find out which wildflowers; primroses, dog violets, lady’s bedstraw, ox-eye daisies, birdsfoot trefoil, or cowslips are Andover's favourite.

Andover Advertiser: Two of the collages on display

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A spokesperson for Andover Trees United said: “We have a clear ambition that all children should be able to identify six native wildflowers and six native trees by the time they leave primary school.

“As we become more aware of the fragility of our planet, developing everyone’s knowledge of their local natural world becomes vitally important - it gives us the tools to help protect the world that we live in.

“Andover Young Carers have now joined ATU in this plight through their wonderful artwork display."

Andover Young Carers provides vital support and respite to young carers in Andover, offering after-school clubs, supporting school lunch clubs and drop-ins, as well as trips and activities.

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A young carer is someone under 18 who helps to look after a family member who is ill, disabled, has a mental health condition or substance misuse.

Vote for your favourite wildflower here

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