AFTER than 20 years of running a popular sewing business in Andover, the woman behind it has thanked people for their support. 

Sui Sui Keepence started her business, Sewing by Sui Sui, in Union Street, in 2002 following her job at a dry cleaner in the area.

Sui Sui said: “I found that the people really needed a good sewing shop in Andover, I was thinking about this business, and I took a walk into the town centre to find the shop for me.

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Andover Advertiser: Sui Sui with copies of the Andover Advertiser

"I found one in Union Street, and since then the business has always been busy.”

The business, specialises in tailoring services including the alterations and repairs of jeans, trousers, dresses, and jackets, as well as stitching badges, zips, buttons, hems and seams.

The 56-year-old works five days a week in the winter, and six days in the summer, travelling into Andover by train from her home in Basingstoke.

“I’m very busy in the summer, people have lots of events including weddings, holidays, but I work 8.30am till 7.30pm as it’s important for me to do a good job for customers,” she added.

The mother of one, whose daughter works in Hong Kong, says she has received lots of support from people in the area, who ‘keep her business busy’.

She continued: “Thank you very much to the local people.

“I’m happy, I work really hard and sometimes I feel tired but I still feel happy because every day I hear from customers that I did a good job, there are lovely people in Andover.”