WORK to repair the water supply at one of Andover's allotment sites has been completed, the town council has heard.

As previously reported, Andover Town Council became aware of the issue at The Drove Allotment site after receiving the high water bill.

It took a metre reading on September 11, 2023 which showed "a considerable amount" of water was leaking at the site and being continuously used while no tenants were there. 

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Subsequent readings were taken to try and ascertain how much water was being lost, which showed "significant usage", resulting in the council deciding to turn off the water supply to stop the wastage while it investigated the matter. 

The issue was originally discussed at a recent council meeting, and on October 18 at another meeting councillors spoke about replacing the water supply.

The works to rectify the problems at the allotment site were carried out in December.

Cllr Kevin Hughes clarified that the delay did not result in any further costs to the council, which Cllr Ted Reynolds confirmed to be the case, as the water at the site has already been switched off, preventing money from being lost from leaks in the water network.

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Cllr Reynolds previously added that installing new pipework was guaranteed to last 50 years underground.

He provided a verbal update at a full council meeting held on Wednesday, February 21 detailing that the works to the allotments pipework had been completed, but track repairs had been necessary following the works carried out.

Cllr Reynolds said: "The track became a sea of mud following the water main installation following the use of vehicles. Despite every care taken to reinstate, there was some sinkage which had to be addressed to prevent damage to vehicles.

"The allotment association were made aware and the repairs have since been made."