THIS is a summary of Planning Applications received in the Northern Area Planning Office of Test Valley Borough Council for the week ending 25th February 2024.

Any comments should be sent to the Planning Office, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ or e-mail to:

You may also view documents and submit comments on the council's website - 

24/00382/FULLN     Demolish bungalow, erect dwelling, widen entrance, relocate access gate, replace boundary fences - Rosebank, Webbs Ln, ABBOTTS ANN

24/00427/FULLN     Remove/erect exts., dropped kerb, on-site parking - Holly Tree Ctg, 2 Dunkirt Ln, ABBOTTS ANN

24/00400/FULLN     Ext./retention of ext. to rear - 23 St Hubert Rd, Andover, Hampshire, ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)

24/00434/TPON      Tree works - 7 The Pines, Andover, Hampshire, ANDOVER TOWN (MILLWAY)

24/00385/FULLN     Erect garage - West Lodge, Andover Rd, Redenham, KIMPTON APPLESHAW

24/00373/FULLN & 24/00374/LBWN      Demolish garage, erect garage/garden store with home office, bedroom and w.c. over, replace gate and installation of oil tank - Little Bec, Monxton Rd, AMPORT

24/00256/FULLN     Erect dwelling - 1 Herons Rise, Andover, Hampshire, ANDOVER TOWN (WINTON)

24/00401/CLPN       Application for lawful development certificate for proposed loft conversion with dormer - 10 Roberts Rd, Winchester, BARTON STACEY

24/00402/FULLN     Ext., pitched roof over existing ext., windows to side elevation - 10 Roberts Rd, Winchester, BARTON STACEY

24/00388/TREEN    Tree works - Broxton House, Village St, CHILBOLTON

24/00393/FULLN    Render chimney stack. - High Croft, Village St, CHILBOLTON

24/00406/FULLN & 24/00407/LBWN   Replace garage - Bailiffs Ctg, Down Rd, KIMPTON

24/00409/TREEN    Tree works - Old Bakery, Kimpton Ln, KIMPTON

24/00389/TREEN    Tree works - Hutchens Ctg, High St, MONXTON

24/00337/TREEN    Tree works - Apple Tree Ctg, King Ln, OVER WALLOP

24/00395/TREEN    Tree works - Rose Ctg, Station Rd, OVER WALLOP

24/00446/TREEN    Tree works - 3 Garden Ctg, Newbury Ln, PENTON MEWSEY

24/00396/TPON & 24/00413/TPON    Tree works - 13 Little London Ln, Little London, Andover, SMANNELL

24/00429/TREEN    Tree works - Sycamores, Andover, UPPER CLATFORD

24/00438/FULLN & 24/00439/LBWN Roof repairs/re-roofing works to outbuildings - Ankers Fm, Conholt Ln, VERNHAM DEAN