ANDOVER residents are less than impressed with the measures announced in the spring budget.

On Wednesday, March 6, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his Spring Budget to the House of Commons.

Mr Hunt confirmed another cut to National Insurance contributions, with workers earning between £12,570 and £50,270 would see their rate reduce from 10 per cent to eight per cent. 

The Government will introduce a new tax on vapes in a bid to discourage non-smokers from taking up the habit. 

The current 5p cut in fuel duty will be extended for another year, and alcohol duties will remain frozen until February 2025. 

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Andover Advertiser: Shelly Coburn, Andover Bid manager, welcomed the relief measures in the budgetShelly Coburn, Andover Bid manager, welcomed the relief measures in the budget (Image: Newsquest)

Shelley Coburn, Andover Bid manager, said: "I think any relief that this budget gives our residents is fantastic news, as we can appreciate things are very tight for some at the moment so it will be a welcome reprieve for many.

"This includes businesses and pubs around the town who will benefit in one way or another.

"That said, the government could still do more to help." 

Supermarket worker Lindsay Wells, who lives on South End Road, was dismayed that there were no measures for single people. 

She said: "Everything seems to be focused on families or people who are already on benefits. It feels like they are more important. I don't feel very important on days like this.

"I don't want to be a doom merchant but I work hard, but I haven't been on holiday in 12 years. I like to treat myself every now and then, but the thing is, more basics are becoming treats."

Andover Advertiser: Lindsay Wells wished the Government had more measures to benefit single peopleLindsay Wells wished the Government had more measures to benefit single people (Image: Newsquest)

Ms Wells, who has lived in Andover all her life, was dismayed at the extra taxes on vapes. 

She said: "I'm trying to give it up, the cost isn't what worries me it is the plastic waste of it all but I suppose they're fixing that aren't they."

Marilyn, who didn't want to share her surname, was also upset with the taxing on vapes. 

She said: "It feels like they are just taxing what is popular. I took up vaping because it's supposedly healthier than smoking, but now they're coming for my bank account too.

"I wish they'd introduce bigger tax cuts and increase personal allowance. That's is what would really help people." 

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Dawn Tapp, who works in the Travelling Cupcake, was less than impressed.

She said: "Is that it? It's a bit pathetic isn't it. None of that is going to help me, they need to reduce the energy costs - the gas and electricity. 

"It's alright freezing things but it's not going to make a difference to me. Fuel has increased again, when is it going to go down?"

Andover Advertiser: Tina Beckingham was concerned about the cost of fuelTina Beckingham was concerned about the cost of fuel (Image: Newsquest)

Tina Beckingham, who works in retail and lives in Hedge End Road, expressed concerns for her daughter who has just learnt how to drive.

She said: "It isn't great really is it? It could have been better. The cost of living is quite crippling for people. 

"I drive and my daughter has just passed her test and has her first car, freezing the fuel duty isn't bringing the cost down.

Andover Advertiser: Rita Loader expressed frustration her husband's pension is still taxedRita Loader expressed frustration her husband's pension is still taxed (Image: Newsquest)

Former Avon representative, Rita Loader, Vigo Road, was happy to see that energy costs were not increased by the Chancellor.

She said: "It is better than nothing I suppose, but with everything you need to take it with a pinch of salt.

"I thought they were going to put [energy] up until we could no longer keep warm so that is a relief they've frozen it. 

"What I wish they would do is remove income tax on pensioners, we worked all our lives and now they have the audacity to tax our pension."