A DEVELOPER has withdrawn two planning applications to build 174 houses in Picket Twenty.

Persimmon Homes had submitted two full planning applications to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) in November and December 2023 – first to build 71 houses on land south of London Road and a second proposal to build 103 houses on land to the south of Picket Twenty.

However, the developer has now decided to withdraw both planning applications.

It is understood that Persimmon decided to withdraw the applications following discussions with TVBC.

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Local authorities are required to determine planning applications within 13 weeks.

TVBC reportedly asked the developer to make some amendments to the planning applications. However, the developer decided to withdraw the applications and it didn't have enough time to make the amendments before the 13-week period expired.

Persimmon is expected to submitted the applications again when the amendments are sorted.

The plan for the 71 houses came along with a new play area and public green space.

This application site was part of a wider development at Picket Twenty, which proposed to provide vehicular and pedestrian access to the site from the south.

While Picket Twenty wraps around the site to the west there was no access to the site from this direction, or from London Road to the north.

To the east of the site there are open paddocks, which lie between Picket Twenty and properties on London Road, while Arbory Residential Home is located to the north of the site.

The plan for the 103 houses also included a public green space, and was part of a wider development, which would have provided vehicular and pedestrian access to the site from the south.

Picket Twenty wraps around the site to the north-east, where there would be the main access to the site, from Blinker Way.

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To the east of the site lies Harewood Common between Picket Twenty and Old Halls Copse and to the south there are open fields.

In its applications, the developer had said that the new homes would "respect the existing landscape structure of Andover Down" because it would benefit from the "leafy character of the area" as well as retain and enhance existing hedgerows.

A public exhibition was held on Tuesday, October 10, at the Picket Twenty Community Centre where the developer presented two proposed developments. It was attended by a total of 73 residents.

The developer had previously admitted that some concerns were raised around the highway network and access to the site.