ANDOVER Musical Theatre Company (AMTC) has announced it is bringing its Made in Dagenham production to The Lights Andover this spring.

The musical runs from May 22 to 25, and is an adaptation of the eponymous hit film released in 2010.

Set in 1960s Essex, Made in Dagenham, follows the inspiring true story of the female workers at the Ford Dagenham automobile plant who took a stand for equal pay, and embarked on a journey to challenge the status quo and demand fair treatment in the workplace.

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The talented cast of performers is led by Lou Ellison in the role of Rita O’Grady and Eddie Nias as Eddie O’Grady.

The performance will showcase energetic choreography and a score that blends catchy tunes with heartfelt ballads, and promises to captivate audiences with powerful storytelling, unforgettable music and heaps of Essex charm.

Director Claire Nias said: "We are thrilled to bring Made in Dagenham to Andover. This is a story that resonates deeply with audiences of all ages, reminding us of the power of unity and the importance of standing up for equality.

"We hope the story will inspire positive change in our own communities whilst also having a lot of fun."

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The female workers, whose story inspired the adaptation, went on strike for three weeks in July 1968 and successfully abolished the lower ‘women’s rate of pay’, which began a wave of advocacy leading to the Equal Pay Act of 1970 being passed.

Although the leading character Rita O’Grady is fictional, her story is a rousing celebration of the strength, solidarity and enduring human spirit shown by the 187 female sewing machinists at Ford Dagenham and wider demonstrations for empowerment and equality.

The Andover Music Theatre Company has entertained audiences locally for more than years, and has typically shown at least two performances a year from The Lights.

Made in Dagenham will run at The Lights, Andover, from May 22-25. Tickets are available online from or through the box office with the number 01264 368368.