SHARDS of glass and alcohol bottles were seized during a weapon sweep of children's parks following reports of antisocial behaviour.

A neighbourhood policing team found the potential weapons in Tidworth on Wednesday morning, March 6.

Chief constable Catherine Roper and Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson joined the team as they searched Wylye Road Playground and Tidworth Skate Park.

These problem areas have been highlighted as a result of concerns raised by residents and police officers are searching them every six to eight weeks.

Andover Advertiser: Chief constable Catherine Roper checked the bag of seized items, which included a comb.Chief constable Catherine Roper checked the bag of seized items, which included a comb. (Image: Newsquest)

Although no traditional weapons, such as knives, were found during the sweep, chief constable Roper said: "Things you think are fairly innocuous can be used to harm other people.

"Could it be that somebody has deliberately created something that they can store, grab and use for violence?

"The community intelligence is telling us that this particular area is a place of antisocial behaviour. Lots of concerns happen in this part of Tidworth."

The proactive approach to tackling crime comes as part of Wiltshire Police's intelligence-led Operation Scorpion which is cracking down on county lines drug gangs.

Andover Advertiser: Officers are sweeping parks every six to eight weeks.Officers are sweeping parks every six to eight weeks. (Image: Newsquest)

PSCO Chloe Perry, 20, explained how finding a vodka bottle buried near the play park is "key information" for the neighbourhood policing team.

"It's telling us the information we are getting from residents is correct - there's underage drinking going on. But also, they can be used as weapons and will cause some really nasty injuries that we have seen before," she added.

Sergeant Caroline Ralph, who has been with the Amesbury Neighbourhood Policing team for 10 years, said the sweep was "more about clearing out potential weapons".

She said: "Playparks tend to be placed where people congregate and people sit around drinking from bottles. These open places are where things would get missed unless you’re looking for them."

Andover Advertiser: Sergeant Caroline Ralph, from Amesbury's Neighbourhood Policing Team.Sergeant Caroline Ralph, from Amesbury's Neighbourhood Policing Team. (Image: Newsquest)

Part of Wiltshire Police's effort to tackle antisocial behaviour is about encouraging communities to come forward with information when they have concerns.

Last year, on August 22, Tvsetomir Genov was stabbed to death in broad daylight on the corner of Gainsborough Close, Bemerton Heath.

Chief constable Roper shed light on the measures her police force takes following such a serious crime: "We make sure we're much more visible in those areas in the days, weeks and months after the incident.

"We do a lot more work with our schools, youth work and social community groups so we can listen to their concerns."

The police force has seen fewer reports of antisocial behaviour, violence and burglaries in Salisbury, according to chief constable Roper .

"We are holding more people to account by having a judicial outcome," she added.