TWO new interpretation boards have been installed at Bury Hill Meadows, containing lots of information about the historical and present uses of the 15-hectare site.

The two boards explain the history of the historic land, near Anna Valley, and highlight the work done by Test Valley Borough Council to cultivate a thriving ecosystem in the hills.

One board located at the top of the site explains the history of the Bury Ring, and how over 2,000 years ago, the Iron Age hill fort consisted of a large double rampart topped by palisades which enclosed the homes of an important community and the local seat of power. 

The second board explains how the council has transformed this once arable land into a species-rich native chalk grassland. 

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Andover Advertiser: – Rachel Hoyes, Cllr Suzanne Hassleman, artist Carla Vize Martin, Cllr Phil North and BoyceGoing forwards, the site will be managed for wildlife and public access, with the main focus on developing the site into a thriving habitat for species including harvest mice, and brown hairstreak butterflies.

Bury Hill Meadows contains a range of habitats including hedgerows, grassland and woodland and supports species including Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Hazel and Kidney Vetch – the only food source for the small blue butterfly. 

A range of bird life can be seen nearby including sparrow hawks, kites, buzzards, kestrels and skylarks, and on a clear day you can see Salisbury Plain and the North Wessex Downs from the hills.

Site-specific images created by artist Carla Vize-Martin, who grew up in the New Forest, helps to tell the story of the space. 

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The first shows a wildflower meadow in full bloom and key information about the site, while the second shows how the site might have looked in the iron age, with oxen, countryfolk and warriors.

Cllr Terese Swain, portfolio holder for community and leisure, said: “Bury Hill Meadows was purchased by Test Valley Council in 2021 using housing developer contributions.

“It offers local residents access to a nature-rich space in the countryside with a lovely perimeter walk of approximately 1.3 miles around the edge of the site. The central path provides the option for a shorter loop.”

Visitors to the site are asked to stick to the paths and comply with signage on site to avoid disturbing any ground-nesting birds.