PLANS to rebuild a Grade II listed building in Tidworth that was destroyed in a large fire are set to be considered by Wiltshire Council.

The planning application concerns The Stables, in Jadgalik Road, on the southern border of the town.

In July 2022, the building suffered extensive damage following a fire which brought over 20 fire appliances to the scene, including crews from neighbouring Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire broke out on Tuesday, July 26 at 9.45am and required relief crews to monitor the site overnight.


The cause of the incident was concluded to be accidental.

No one was injured but large sections of The Stables were left in need of rebuilding and reroofing.

Several windows and external doors, as well as a section of the timber first floor, were lost to the blaze.

The Stables were built in the mid-19th century and became part of the Ministry of Defence estate when the War Office acquired Tedworth House and land in 1897.

The site had been used for offices and storage since its latest conversion in 2005.

Some external repairs are already underway, but Gateley Smithers Purslow has now submitted the full reconstruction plans to Wiltshire Council, on behalf of Aspire Defence Services Ltd.

They say that the works will not affect the scale of the building and that its existing character will be maintained.

The roof will be rebuilt with timber trusses informed by the originals and remaining trusses in areas of the building not impacted by the fire.

It will be covered in natural blue-black slate to match the previous style.

Red brickwork will also be used to resemble the existing aesthetic of the site, painted white within the courtyard area.

The materials have been chosen to match the existing property and the design for the windows that were destroyed by the fire and fire-fighting efforts will use the remaining windows as templates.

Although the renovation will replicate a modern office and stores environment, enhanced insulated materials and up-to-date building services will be used to improve performance and energy efficiency.

The application states: "The historical qualities and proportions of the property will be respected and preserved."

Wiltshire Council has until Friday, April 19 to make a decision regarding this application.