An ‘endearing’ little boy who loves playing is looking for a family in Hampshire to call his own.

Noah, aged three-and-a-half, is hoping to share his love for activities with a loving family.

Described as a ‘happy little boy’, Noah, whose identity has been protected by Adopt South, is seeking an understanding parent(s) who can develop a lifetime of love and support.

Noah, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, likes playing with his wooden train set, joining them all up, as he pushes the trains around the track.

He also enjoys his little cars, moving them backwards and forwards, whilst making lots of different engine sounds.

Noah has ‘exceptional’ fine motor skills and enjoys puzzles and working out sequences, building towers and taking them down again.

Andover Advertiser:

He is an active boy at nursery and gets on well with the other children.

Noah loves to be outside, especially the sand pit, where he enjoys the feel of the soft sand as he scoops it up.

At home, he likes to make cups of pretend tea for the foster carer’s family and takes their hand to show them if he wants to play with something or would like a snack.

According to Adopt South, everyone who meets Noah has a great fondness for him.

He knows the names of everyone in the house, regular visitors and remembers people he has not seen for a while.

Noah likes lots of cuddles and will seek a hug if he can and it is not unusual for him to offer something he has; he is very giving.

His speech and development are delayed, but he is beginning to make lots of different sounds and say names.

He has been diagnosed with autism, and an application for an EHCP (Education and Health Care Plan) has been made to ensure additional help in school.

Noah also has a specialist speech and language therapist who visits him at home and at nursery.

When it comes to food, Noah is a fan of snacks along with cheese, chicken nuggets, chips, and crackers.

But he will try other food when the other children are eating something different to him.

He enjoys going out for meals with his foster family and will sit happily and play with small toys while waiting for his food.

He can go to sleep well but is prone to waking up in the night and can take a little time to settle.

Rachel Reynolds, Head of Adopt South said: “Noah is such a very sweet little boy, who is so giving and a joy to anyone who knows him.

“He laughs when he’s shown something funny and is extremely affectionate, enjoying lots of cuddles with his foster carers. He loves to be with the family and is known for really enjoying social family events.

“Noah will need the time and devotion of either a parent with extended family in the home, a couple, or a family with older children who could help him develop and learn as he grows.”