ANOTHER bank in Andover will close this year due to the 'ease of mobile and online banking' resulting in fewer people using the branch.

NatWest, in Bridge Street, will shut its doors on August 28, with Halifax and Barclays also closing branches in the town. 

The company has said closing the bank is 'not a decision that we ever take lightly', and has reviewed criteria including banking preferences, likely impact on customers, location of the nearest branch and cash machine, and alternative options such as online banking.

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At the Andover Bridge Street Branch, NatWest explained it has noticed a 62 per cent decrease in counter transactions for personal customers from January 2019 to January 2023, contributing to its decision, with only six weekly customers in 2023.

To support the community, it will be introducing a cashless 'pop-up' following the closure, to be based in a community venue near Bridge Street, with support available for up to 12 weeks.

Support available at the pop-up will include 'conversations around your banking needs' as well as support to set up and use digital services, and advice to protect against fraud and scams.

Residents have reacted to the news, with one calling it 'the beginning of the end', and another saying it is 'frustrating'.

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"This town is becoming derelict with everything closing down," said another.

Former Andover Town councillor, Andy Fitchet, said: "Barclays gone, Halifax going and now rumours that NatWest are to close their branch in Andover High St also.

"Customers are being directed to the Post Office to pay in cash. The large Post Office was closed with a much smaller branch opened in Smiths.

"When I campaigned to keep the Post Office open on Bridge St, I was told that footfall wasn’t enough to justify it staying open. They seem to have shot themselves in the foot on this one."