READERS of the Andover Advertiser have told us their favourite places to buy fish and chips. 

A post on the Andover Advertiser's Facebook page attracted scores of comments from people keen to share their favourite spots in the town. 

Smart Fish Bar in East Anton came top with 15 readers saying it was the best. 

Charles Chute said: "Smart fish bar 100 per cent, even do gluten free which I don't think any of the others do." 

Michael Ford said: "Smart fish bar. They also do an amazing kebab too." 

Kate Murphy said: "Definitely, Smart Fish Bar in Augusta Park and they do GF (gluten free)." 

Here are the top four: 

1.  Smart Fish Bar, East Anton 

2. Sea Master, Bridge Street 

3. Zenith Fish Bar, Shakespeare Avenue 

4. Lemon Plaice, Winchester Street