AN EASTER Sunday 'rave' that ended with seven arrests has sparked strong reactions from residents who have called for consequences for the event organiser.

While the local ward councillor commended the police for their swift action, a resident directly impacted by the noise expressed frustration has said the name and address of the perpetrators should be published so that he can play loud music outside their houses on a bank holiday.

As previously reported, police stormed the unlicensed music event after a tip-off from a member of the public.  

The event was being held on on land adjacent to The Avenue, in Longparish, on Sunday, March 31, and music could be heard from a significant distance away. 

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Police said the event, which involved around 50 people, was 'incredibly disruptive'. 

Three men aged 29, 31, and 35 were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a Class A drug. Two other people were arrested on suspicion of being unfit to drive through the consumption of drink or drugs.

A further two people were arrested on suspicion of offences relating to the event itself. Five vehicles, a generator, and a considerable amount of sound equipment was seized early on Sunday evening.

Borough councillor David Drew, who represents the area where the unauthorised event unfolded, said he wasn't personally affected by the noise. 

“I didn’t hear the sound because I live in Goodworth Clatford," he said.

"I hadn't picked up on anything until I got a note from the chief executive of Test Valley Borough Council. It's concerning when these events happen.

"But the police were clearly on it and were able to react quickly. I believe that they stopped it fairly promptly. And I believe they caught people with some sound equipment.”

However, a resident who wished to remain anonymous described being woken up by the "inane repetitive beat" on Easter Sunday morning, which he said disturbed wildlife and rattled windows a mile away.

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He said: “Initially we thought a car had pulled up outside our house with the radio on full volume, but a quick scan of the local environs confirmed that the noise was emanating from the MOD training ground. 

"I'm quite a music fan but this was an inane repetitive beat that rattled windows and could be felt physically from a mile away. The site chosen by the Dimbulb who organised this event sits between two SSSIs where birds are beginning to nest and others are pausing on migratory routes north.

"The cacophony eventually ceased at 4pm when police finally intervened, despite people arriving to attend the event throughout the day. Thankfully seven people have been arrested and I'd like to be furnished with the address of the aforementioned 'Dimbulb' so we can have a one-to-one chat about future projects planned and also in order to play some music outside his house on a bank holiday when he's coming down from his latest trip on E's and Wizz!"