WORK to produce a life-sized statue of a 'loving and gentle' railway station cat has started after residents clubbed together to raise the funds. 

As previously reported, Jess lived at Andover railway station for 13 years after being abandoned by its previous owners who moved away from the area.

The decision was made to put Jess down after it was confirmed the feline had cancer.

A Facebook group called Jess the Andover station cat has been following its antics over the years and has more than 3,000 members.

Andy Woods, 54, who used to work at S & J Maddocks, a funeral directors located near the station in Station Approach, wants a life-size statue of the feline to be put up at the station.

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Andover Advertiser: Amy Goodman and the sculpture of Jess

Andy set up a fundraising page to raise money to erect the bronze statue of the cat and managed to get the required £5,000.

It has since been shared on the Facebook page that sculptor and portrait artist Amy Goodman, who is based in Quarley near Andover, has started work on the project.

She said it has been a heart-warming thing to be apart of, she added: "I think it is a really nice thing to do because it is a nice community project with a lot of people fundraising."

The 49-year-old who has been sculpting for 25 years is based near Andover said that she was happy to be apart of it because Jess had been well-loved by everyone for more than a decade.

Andover Advertiser: The sculpture of Jess that has been started by Amy Goodman

"It will be nice that they will be able to come and see him again and I think he is going to pinned to the front of the ticket office which is lovely."

"I have been really lucky to be given a lot of photos for reference." she added.

Amy is currently in the process of sculpting Queen Elizabeth II at two stages of her life for both Andover and Romsey Towns. 

Mr Woods, has also shared his delight and said that the sculpture looks incredible.

Andover Advertiser: Jess the beloved cat lived at the station for 13 years after it was abandoned by its

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He told the Advertiser that he also thinks the statue will go on the windowsill near to the ticket office.

"So people will be able to still come in and see her touch her which will be amazing", he added.

Other people also pleased to hear the good news, with many taking to the Facebook page.

Debbie Lawrence said: "Wow, I thought it would be ages until Jess could be started, this is lovely."

Another, Mark Huntley posted: "How lovely, I was thinking about Jess over the weekend."

While Celia Greenfield also commented: "Aww that's beautiful just for precious Jess, I really miss Jess."

Amy told the Advertiser that after the clay work is finished it will have to be moulded and turned bronze, with the entire process not expected to be completed for a few months.