AN ANDOVER man who exposed himself to three female colleagues at his workplace in Basingstoke has been handed a community order.

Alexander Leslie, of Harebell Road, committed the indecent exposure on three different occasions.

His three victims worked at his workplace – two were receptionists and one was a manager.

On February 2 he was convicted at Winchester Crown Court following a trial for all three counts of indecent exposure.

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He was sentenced on Friday, April 12, and was given a community order.

Prosecuting, Edward Hollingworth said the first incident happened on September 7, 2022, when the first victim was alone at the reception.

He complained to her about the tight fit of his suit and was pulling it up the genital area.

Leslie then went into a safe room behind the reception to adjust it. He then asked her to go to the door. When she opened it, he was 'standing half naked'.

In a witness statement read out in court, she said she did not know how to react and moved back to the reception.

He came out two minutes later fully dressed and asked her if she had seen his penis and whether it was big.

She immediately shared the incident with her two friends via WhatsApp, although she didn’t raise it formally until the end of October.

The next two incidents happened on October 20, 2022.

In the second incident, which was caught on CCTV, Leslie was seen with his back to the camera constantly adjusting his genitals while his female manager went to the storage area, attached to the back office.

The court heard that he was 'clearly masturbating' and 'exposing himself'. When the manager returned to the office, he 'continued to adjust his genitals'.

The manager, who felt uneasy, told him that he shouldn’t do that to the front of the window and she picked up her mobile to take her eyes off what he was doing.

At this time, he started 'wiggling his penis out back and forward so that it slapped against his thighs'. 

It made her very uncomfortable that she told him that he shouldn’t be doing that and walked out.

The third incident happened later the same night. 

The victim was on reception that night when he repeated the same pattern of complaining about the tightness of the suit and then retreating to the safe room for adjustment.

For 15-20 minutes he tried to entice her to come to the door. When she finally went, she was confronted by Leslie with his underwear down to his ankles and penis out.

She immediately complained about the incident following which the other two victims also came forward.

In mitigation, Beth O’Reilly KC said Leslie was previously good character.

She said his 'specialist career' is now over because of the incidents. She also submitted references including from his parents.

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Sentencing him, Judge R Taylor acknowledged the that Leslie is a 'changed man now'.

“I reject any suggestion that this was banter or locker room joke. This was a sex offence,” he said.

Leslie received a two-year community order.

He has to undertake an accredited sexual offender programme, attend 10 rehabilitation activity requirement days, and do 100 hours unpaid work. He also has to pay a cost of £1,500 as cost of the trial.