RESIDENTS of Andover are continuing to gather weekly for peace vigils outside the Guildhall in a heartfelt display of solidarity and concern for the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

The vigils, which occur every Tuesday at 5.30 pm, aim to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza and advocate for a ceasefire.

On March 1, a similar series of vigils started outside Whitchurch Town Hall, which has also continued weekly at 3pm.

While the vigils were initiated by local members of the Green Party, they have since grown to include individuals from various political affiliations and backgrounds.

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Hina West, the Green Party candidate for the North West Hampshire constituency in the upcoming general election, is also part of the vigils.

Andrew Smith, Green Party's election officer, said: “At every vigil we engage interested passers-by, discussing the crisis and giving out leaflets. Towards the end of the hour, we hold a two-minute silence to remember all who have lost their lives or been injured, as well as those who are suffering from lack of food and medical facilities. 

"We also think of all the emergency, health and aid workers who are caught up in what the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories has described as a genocide."

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Ms West said: "As I have joined community-led peace vigils across North West Hampshire I have been humbled by the dedication and compassion of the attendees and passers-by, taking action week in, week out and in whatever weather: they show their unwavering solidarity with those needlessly suffering in Gaza/Palestine.

"I applaud them all for their fortitude as we see these atrocities continuing from afar, and stand with them all until a ceasefire is called.”

The group plans to continue the vigils for as long as necessary, and all are welcome to join them.